Leaver’s Assembly

This morning was our leaver’s assembly, we celebrated the children’s time at St Eanswythe’s with songs, memories, poems, awards and prizes.  We have had an amazing Year Six.  They have an excellent work ethic and have made so much progress this year, they also are great characters and this along with their enthusiasm for learning has made them fun to teach.  They have had many sporting, musical and artistic successes and have made us proud again and again.

Each child received a memory book full of photos, memories and an individual message and a t-shirt with all their names on from the PTFA.  Some children received awards for excelling in particular areas such as maths or friendship.  We will miss each one of them and hope they return to visit us and let us know how they are getting on in their new schools.

Thank you to Fran Marshall and Father David for coming in to present their awards and to Mrs Marritt for the photographs which are below.

We also said goodbye to Mrs Gurney, Mrs Hector and Miss Farnfield.  We thank them for all their hard work and wish them well in the future.  A few children across the school are moving away too; we hope that they settle into their new schools quickly.

As part of the assembly Carys performed a song which she had written herself; the lyrics are below:

Goodbye Today

We were four years old,it was getting cold

we had our big school coats on

We squeezed our parent’s hands so tight

Then we would run and run

Past the climbing frame

And fireman’s pole

Look now, our new classroom

We found our buddies

Sat on the carpet

Would get bigger soon


We didn’t know why waves rage in the sea

Or our times tables, why leaves fall of the tree

Had to learn the alphabet, didn’t know our way

Never imagined that we’d say goodbye today


In year three now and I don’t know how

Time passed so quickly

Felt so grown up, in key stage two

Wish that we knew


I will always remember the fun I had here

The memories laughter And tears

There are no words to describe what I want to say

But I have to say goodbye today


We have excellent teachers

There wisdom made us who we are

Miss. Laws won an award

Well deserved, she beat everyone by far

We will never forget this place

It’s been our home for so long

But soon we’re going to be moving on


I love this school with all my heart

But Now we must part

Visit in the holidays

We are family in every way

but we have to say goodbye today


Now we know why waves rage in the sea

And our times tables, why leaves fall off the trees

We know the alphabet, know how to find our way

But we never imagined that we’d say goodbye today


Before we had gone,

We knew we had to sing this song

So we could all say goodbye today

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