Art Club Visits the Mosque

As part of this year’s Triennial, art club visited the local mosque where artist Hoy Cheong Wong has used scaffolding and green net to create his work, ‘The Minaret’. We learnt that it is called the minaret because Hoy Cheong Wong created a  front to the mosque with towers and these towers are called minarets and are traditionally used to call people to prayer. The covering is coloured green as green is a sacred colour in Islam because it signifies  the lush green world of plenty that Muslims will experience in the after life. The Imam was truly generous with his time and wanted to answer any questions that we may have. He told us about white also being a sacred colour and all about calligraphy and how this writing differs between different countries. All at the mosque made us feel truly welcome and a good time was had by all of us.

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