Sport Data 2016-2017

As part of the tracking for Sports Premium we record every sporting extra curricular activity that each child does within the school and the length of time they participate for.  For example if they were a member of kayaking club, that would count as one activity and six hours as the club was held over six weeks.  If they took part in a one off speed stacking tournament, that would count as one activity for 1 hour (or whatever the length of the tournament).  An extra curricular activity is one that is over and above their two hours of PE entitlement per week.  The majority of these take place after school hours.

This ensures that all children get a fair chance to try some activities and tracks participation across the year groups.  It also shows the dedication and commitment of some of our children who thrive on sport and are gifted within this area of the curriculum. Here is a summary of the final data for 2016/2017.

  • Every child in our school has taken part in 10 or more extracurricular sporting activities
  • 91% of KS2 have taken part in 15 or more extra curricular sporting activities
  • 37% of upper KS2 have taken part in 25 or more extra curricular sporting activities

Below are the top ten children for both the number of activities that they have taken part in this year and the number of hours that they have participated.

Below is a table showing the cumulative whole school data.  As you can see the number of sessions increases as the children get older and have opportunities to access a wider variety of sports.  However, participation is high right from Ducklings.  This enthusiasm and dedication from the children has led to a very successful sporting year for us.


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