Birth of Jesus

This morning our Worship was based on the birth of Jesus and the importance of the shepherds. Dave Barker told us how the shepherds were given the message of the coming of the Lord, shepherds were known for their ability to take good care of their sheep and protect them from danger. God is compared to a shepherd looking after his flock.

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Ducklings’ Nativity

Well done to all the Ducklings for their fantastic performance 'The Inn Spectors.' [gallery ids="35121,35112,35103,35094,35093,35102,35111,35120,35119,35110,35101,35092,35091,35100,35109,35118,35117,35108,35099,35090,35089,35098,35107,35116,35115,35106,35097,35088,35087,35096,35105,35114,35113,35095,35086"]

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