Year 3 Roman Day

At the end of the last term, Year 3 had a Roman day! We started by recreating the ancient explosion of Pompeii using brightly coloured oil pastels. We then got changed into our amazing home made Roman costumes before learning all about Roman delicacies and having a Roman feast where we tried foods brought over Continue reading

Modelling Clay: making seals

Year 6 have been learning about the Indus Valley Civilisation in their history topic work this term.  The Indus Valley people lived almost 5,000 years ago, but disappeared and remained forgotten until more recent times.  We know about them from the artefacts they left behind, especially from the picture signs or seals that they made. Continue reading

War Horse Canvases

Yr.6 painted Joey and Topthorn today onto canvases.  Everyone concentrated really hard on getting the characteristics right for their horse using knowledge from the story.  We’re sure you will agree their finished pieces look stunning and certainly brighten up the classroom.  

Year 3 Triennial Tour

On Wednesday Year 3 were lucky enough to be taken on a triennial tour. We walked around Folkestone, exploring various art works by different artists. We particularly enjoyed looking at the colourful bungalow and listening to the song while walking in ‘Halfway to Heaven’. We had a great afternoon out enjoying the local art.

Year 5 plasticene containers

Year 5 are continuing to explore how to make small containers in their art lessons.  This week, they used strips of plasticene to make models of containers.  They practised rolling, spiralling and folding techniques to shape and strengthen their models.  Next lesson, they will apply these skills when working with terracotta clay.  

KS1 Art Club

Today in art club we were let loose with the felt tip pens! We had the tables covered in paper and drew what we thought space looked like. As you can see from the images there was a great deal going on in the galaxy.

Making containers in art

Year 5 have been studying containers in their art lessons this term.  We have looked at how containers are made and how they are represented in art and in different cultures.  The children have made various sketches and then used nets to make small paper containers.  Next step will be to model our containers out of plasticene Continue reading

Art Club Goes Big!

In today’s Art Club we had ago at doing huge pictures. We had great big rolls of paper which we all worked on together. Our theme was ‘Under the Sea’, one group used oil pastels, two groups did painting and the last group used crayons. It was great fun and the results were amazing.

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