Year 6 Headdresses

Year 6 have been very busy in their art and design lessons and they completed their amazing headdresses at the start of the term.  They had been inspired by costumes and headdresses in dance, theatre and carnival. In small groups, Year 6 decided on different themes which they would like to portray in their headdresses.  Continue reading

Year 6 are inspired by history

Year 6 have been learning about the lives, beliefs, and values of the Ancient Greeks in their history topic.  This has given them plenty of inspiration for their work in design and technology lessons.  They have worked hard to design and make mythical creatures and gods which can be moved by a pneumatic system. The children Continue reading

Year 5 Create Visual Stories

Year 5 have been learning about how stories can be told through art.  They discovered that this has been happening for millennia; cave paintings, textiles, ceramics, paintings, sculpture, photography, film and even cartoons. They had been studying the Victorian era in their history topic work in class.  They brought their understanding and knowledge to their Continue reading

Amazing Homework From Owls

This term our topic has been Creatures and their Habitats and to go alongside that we have had our homework based on this. The children have made some fantastic creatures along with the homes that they could live in. I’m sure you will agree there are some budding architects in the making here!

Year 3 Christmas Fun

This week Year 3 have been getting into the festive spirit! We decorated trees for Christmas cards and learnt about the history of the traditional Christmas cracker before making our own. We’ve had lots of fun celebrating this special time of year.

Advent Calendars

Today in RE we made advent calendars ready for the count down to Christmas. The children had to work together in groups of three or four to create their group calendar sharing the workload evenly, as well as deciding the best way of tackling the task.

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