Year 3 Monet

This week we have been looking at some of the artwork painted by Claude Monet. We learnt that Monet liked to paint the same scene at different times of day in order to capture different moods and light. We looked at how he painted light relflecting onto water and painted our own versions of his series Continue reading

Icebergs Ahoy in Owls!

This afternoon we ended this term’s Science lesson with an investigation about what makes ice melt. We looked at some real icebergs on the internet and discovered that there is more that sits under the water than is seen on the surface. We also discussed what would make an ice berg melt, apart from heat. Continue reading

Science in Owls

In Science we are looking at the weather and the differences of weather in different parts of the country. Today we looked at a compass and what it might be used for.  We are learning the compass points of North, East, South and West. We are also learning about the different equipment used when measuring Continue reading

Local Artist – Inspirational Visit

Today each class was visited by our very own local artist- Shane Record.  He used a program called ‘2Paint’ on the smartboard and produced wonderful landscapes.  Shane Record asked everyone to think of a scene they would like him to paint, in this way we all had ownership of the pictures he produced.  Several of the Continue reading

Year 6 Headdresses

Year 6 have been very busy in their art and design lessons and they completed their amazing headdresses at the start of the term.  They had been inspired by costumes and headdresses in dance, theatre and carnival. In small groups, Year 6 decided on different themes which they would like to portray in their headdresses.  Continue reading

Year 6 are inspired by history

Year 6 have been learning about the lives, beliefs, and values of the Ancient Greeks in their history topic.  This has given them plenty of inspiration for their work in design and technology lessons.  They have worked hard to design and make mythical creatures and gods which can be moved by a pneumatic system. The children Continue reading

Year 5 Create Visual Stories

Year 5 have been learning about how stories can be told through art.  They discovered that this has been happening for millennia; cave paintings, textiles, ceramics, paintings, sculpture, photography, film and even cartoons. They had been studying the Victorian era in their history topic work in class.  They brought their understanding and knowledge to their Continue reading

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