Theseus and the Minotaur Plays

This week Yr.6 have been writing scripts based on the Greek myth ‘Thesues and the Minotaur.’  In Ancient Greece plays were narrated by a chorus who sung the story.  Year 6 also did this, some of them managed to weave some modern day songs to create a point, others wrote their own to well known tunes.  Continue reading

Greek Myths

In Literacy Yr.6 have been looking at Greek myths.  This afternoon they worked in groups to read a myth and present it to the class.  These included Daedalus and Icarus, Persephone and the Pomegranete Seeds, The Wooden Horse of Troy, Jason and the Golden fleece and Perseus and Medusa.  The presentations were very creative.

Yr 4 Kic Theatre

Kic theatre today was just as much fun as usual. In year 4 we thought about our Europe topic whilst participating in drama activities. Ian, who is amazing, encouraged the children to think about what they would need to travel in Europe, what modes of transport they might use and about some of the activities Continue reading

Handwriting in Owls

Last Friday we were able to use the Ipads to help us improve our handwriting skills. The program we use is called ‘Crazy Cursive’ and it was great fun following the pen around the letters. The program even helps us to join letters together.


Yesterday, Yr.6 went to watch the film ‘Wonder’ at Folkestone Cinema.  They gave it a standing ovation at the end which shows how good it was.  The film was mainly true to the book but there was lots of discussion as to why they had left some parts out and why they had changed others.  We Continue reading

Conscience Alleys

Yesterday, as part of their work on Michael Morpurgo, Yr.6 took part in conscience alleys.  They took on the role of the character in the story and listened to their conscience (their classmates) debating their options as they walked down the alley. This helped them decide which decisions to make.  There was some excellent reasoning going Continue reading

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Yr.6 started their science topic on light today.  They used torches to create shadows and…

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