Negative Numbers

In Numeracy today Yr.6 enjoyed playing a board game. In order to progress round the board they needed to answer questions involving negative number which included, ordering , adding, subtracting, finding the difference and reading scales.

Problem Solving

Yesterday I visited classes 1, 3, 4, 5 and 6 and watched some super problem solving activities. The children were engrossed with their activity, some deep in thought silently, some handling the physical resources to aid their thinking processes, many discussing the problems with their peers sharing ideas and some were even acting out the possible Continue reading

Circles in Maths

In Numeracy we have been working with circles. So far we have learned about arcs and chords and found a method to help  with remembering which is which. Today Year 4 were measuring the circumference and diameter of a circular face of different sized cylinders.

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Yr.6 started their science topic on light today.  They used torches to create shadows and…

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