Colchester Zoo

Yesterday Yr.4 and Yr.6 went to Colchester Zoo.  They had a great day and saw many animals that we cannot see locally such as orang-utans, sea lions, hippos, sun bears and vultures.  They watched an amazing animal show which included coatis, civets, skunks, free flying kestrels and barn owls. The day ended with everyone hand feeding Continue reading

Year 3 Make Lunch!

This term we have been learning about healthy eating. Last week we decided to make a healthy, balanced lunch and had fun making our own sandwiches and chopping up cucumber, peppers, tomatoes, carrots and apples. We then went to the Bayle Pond to eat our lunch!  

Kearsney Abbey

Yr.6 went to Kearsney to sail their Viking Ships today. The weather was perfect for this activity. Each team had a chance in a knockout race with another boat. One by one the boats were eliminated. The final was a tense affair with Amelia’s team facing Daniel’s team. It was almost a photo finish but Continue reading

Separating Solids and Liquids

In Science today Year 4 worked hard to separate solids and liquids. We correctly decided we needed a sieve to get the marbles back out of the water, however the same sieve did not separate the rice from the water properly. Using a sieve with smaller holes solved that problem though, we then moved on Continue reading

Dungeness Power Station

Yesterday, Yr.6 went to Dungeness Power station where they learnt how electricity was made using nuclear fission.  They had a tour of the site; did a workshop including building circuits with electrical components and used the information in the visitors centre to complete a quiz.  We all learnt a lot.


Today, in Science, Year 4 were melting solids and turning them into liquids. We used the heat from lit candles to melt ice, milk chocolate, butter and white chocolate.

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