Newest addition to Class 2

In Eagles class, we have been incubating 9 chicken eggs for the last 21 days (as part of our science learning). This morning at 10:15, the first chick hatched! We were all in class writing at the time and all got to see the newborn emerge before us. We will add more pictures to show Continue reading

Gardening in Owls

Today we started to grow our own vegetables as part of our global gardens topic. We filled our containers up with soil, sprinkled the seed over the top and then watered them in. They now sit on our tables so we can watch them grow.

Class 5 – Summer Term – Parent Letter

Dear Parent/Carer, During the first half of the Summer Term, Year 5 will be covering the following topics: Numeracy:  We will continue to develop mental skills in number throughout this term.  We will also further develop our understanding in the following areas:  fractions and decimals;  calculating with money and solving word problems; percentages and fractions Continue reading

Magnet Revision

Yr.6 revised the work they did on magnets in yr.3.  They looked at the difference between magnets and magnetic materials, like and unlike poles and attraction and repulsion.  They then designed and carried out an investigation to test the strength of magnets.  They concluded that this wasn’t influenced by their shape or their size.

Science and Topic in Owls

This term we have been learning about the weather and the seasons. We have been measuring the temperature, rainfall and wind each day and comparing them to other parts of the British Isles. To help us understand about these things we designed and made or own wind sock to inform us which way the wind Continue reading


Today in Science Yr 4 were filtering different solid substances after mixing them with water. We filtered soil, sand, salt and sugar to see if we could get it back out of the water and leave the water back as it started.


Yr.6 looked at filtering, firstly they separated sand and water using filter paper, they then tried to do the same with a salt water solution but found that the dissolved particles were so small they went through the miniscule holes in the filter paper.

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