Forces and Filtering

In Science this week Yr.6 have been looking at forces.  They looked at the force of gravity and reaction forces, learnt about Isaac Newton and how the unit of force (Newtons) is named after his discoveries and thought about the size and direction of forces.  They also used newton metres to measure the weight of different Continue reading

Hop Farm Trip

As a culmination to their work on War Horse, Yr.6 visited the Hop Farm to work with two draught horses; a shire horse called Cruiser and a Dutch Draught horse called Lottie.  They were taught about the harnesses, what each part is used for and shown how to harness a draught horse ready for work.  Following Continue reading

Year 1 Sound Workshop

This afternoon we participated in a sound workshop. We had headphones and microphones, which picked up the slightest of sounds even our heartbeats! We then got to press some sound buttons that other schools and children had made. It was a very interesting afternoon and was a great way to finish our Science topic of Continue reading

Yr.6 on CBBC Newsround

CBBC Newsround were filming at the new scientist Live Show that Yr.6 attended a few weeks ago.  Some of our children appear talking about naked mole rats in the CBBC feature about the show.  You can watch it by clicking the link below.  

Series and Parallel Circuits

Yr.6 have been learning about series and parallel circuits and their uses.  Today they used their knowledge of parallel circuits to build a working set of traffic lights and used Beebots to test them out.  Most groups were successful but we can’t promise that no Beebots jumped a red light!

Sink or Float?

In Owls this afternoon we discussed how different boats manage to float on the water. We then held an investigation of our own into what items around the room would float or sink. First we made a prediction, next we carried out the experiment and then we wrote the outcome in our books. We were Continue reading

Super Smoothies in Eagles Class

This week in Eagles Class, we had chance to use our learning about healthy eating. We made delicious super smoothies. The first step was to prepare and cut the strawberries, bananas and blueberries. Then we measured and mixed the milk and yogurt before finally blending everything together! The best part though was drinking our smoothies! Tasty!

Conductors and Insulators

This afternoon in science we tested various materials to see which ones were good electrical conductors. Firstly we drew a table with all the materials listed and then made a prediction for each one. Next came the actual testing, we did this by setting up a circuit using wires, a battery/cell and a bulb. If the Continue reading

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