Separating Solids and Liquids

In Science today Year 4 worked hard to separate solids and liquids. We correctly decided we needed a sieve to get the marbles back out of the water, however the same sieve did not separate the rice from the water properly. Using a sieve with smaller holes solved that problem though, we then moved on Continue reading

Dungeness Power Station

Yesterday, Yr.6 went to Dungeness Power station where they learnt how electricity was made using nuclear fission.  They had a tour of the site; did a workshop including building circuits with electrical components and used the information in the visitors centre to complete a quiz.  We all learnt a lot.


Today, in Science, Year 4 were melting solids and turning them into liquids. We used the heat from lit candles to melt ice, milk chocolate, butter and white chocolate.

Owls’ Kew Garden Trip

We had a wonderful day at Kew, the sun was shining, the flowers were out and everyone was happy! We started at the Palm house, it was so hot and humid in here because the plants that grow there are tropical. We saw banana plants with actual bananas growing! A mango tree, a giant bamboo, Continue reading

Fuzzy Mud Slime

To culminate their work on the book ‘Fuzzy Mud’ by Louis Sachar Yr.6 made Fuzzy Mud slime.  As slime is very popular at the moment, we have some ‘slime experts’ in our class.  Each table had their own ‘slime expert’ who led the creation of the Fuzzy Mud.  Some were more successful than others but everyone Continue reading

Yr 4 Friction

Yesterday in Science, Year 4 carried out tests to find out which surface had the most friction. To do this they had three different surfaces on boards which they used to create ramps for their car. The children then tested how high one end of the ramp needed to be to make the car move Continue reading

Icebergs Ahoy in Owls!

This afternoon we ended this term’s Science lesson with an investigation about what makes ice melt. We looked at some real icebergs on the internet and discovered that there is more that sits under the water than is seen on the surface. We also discussed what would make an ice berg melt, apart from heat. Continue reading

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