Yesterday Yr.6 did an investigation about air resistance.  They used 10g weights to attach to a variety of different parachutes and timed how long each one took to fall to the ground.  Each group decided which variable they wanted to change, some chose the material, some the shape and some the size of parachute.  Following Continue reading


Yr.6 experimented with yeast this week.  They looked at the conditions that yeast needed in order to respire.  They found that it needed moisture but it preferred to have warmth and sugar as well.  These test tubes produced a lot of carbon dioxide bubbles.


This week, Yr.6 looked at the force of elasticity.  They created trampolines, bungee jumps and spring diving boards for playmobil people.  They then looked at the extension of a rubber band when they increased the force on it by equal amounts each time.

Bread Making

As part of their work on microorganisms Yr.6 baked bread.  They found that yeast is alive and respires.  This is what makes the air spaces in the bread and causes it to rise.  There are some excellent bakers in Yr.6; the rolls were amazing!


In Science Yr.6 have been looking at forces.  They have learnt that forces are measured in Newtons named after Isaac Newton.  They have used Newton meters to weigh objects and have found that objects appear to weigh less in water as upthrust is pushing against gravity.  This means the resultant downwards force is less.  They Continue reading

Is it hot or cold?

Today in science, Year 4 were thinking about temperature. For one minute we held one finger from each hand in a cup of water. One cup contained hot water and the other cold. Both fingers were then plunged in to room temperature water, the same cup of water felt hot to one finger but cold Continue reading

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