Great St Eanswythe’s Bake Off

As part of our Enchanted Woodland topic, we baked gingerbread people in Eagles Class. We have been learning about instructions in our English lessons and were given a baking ‘technical challenge’ to attempt. We soon discovered that the instructions were far too basic and not detailed enough. Luckily none of the gingerbread people had soggy Continue reading

Science and Topic in Owls

This term we have been learning about the weather and the seasons. We have been measuring the temperature, rainfall and wind each day and comparing them to other parts of the British Isles. To help us understand about these things we designed and made or own wind sock to inform us which way the wind Continue reading

Class 5 at The Imperial war Museum, London

As part of our learning about World War Two, we went to The Imperial War Museum for the day.  They have some wonderful displays of artefacts and eye-witness accounts of this time in history.  We left a class message on the People’s Voices wall – our hope for peace for the future.    

Year 4’s European Feast!

To consolidate their learning about Europe Year 4 had a European tasting afternoon! They tried different foods and had to guess where they were from. They enjoyed trying new things and looking at traditional foods from other countries, as well as reflecting on traditional food we eat in England.

Europe Homework

In Year 4 we have had some amazing pieces of homework in from the options grid. We have had paintings, sketches, pictures, postcards, acrostic poems, maps, jokes, languages, a picture dictionary, a game, some cheese twists, a 3D puzzle and stories. Children have been planning holidays and costing them, comparing heights of famous buildings and Continue reading

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