Year 6 are inspired by history

Year 6 have been learning about the lives, beliefs, and values of the Ancient Greeks in their history topic.  This has given them plenty of inspiration for their work in design and technology lessons.  They have worked hard to design and make mythical creatures and gods which can be moved by a pneumatic system. The children Continue reading

Year 5 Create Visual Stories

Year 5 have been learning about how stories can be told through art.  They discovered that this has been happening for millennia; cave paintings, textiles, ceramics, paintings, sculpture, photography, film and even cartoons. They had been studying the Victorian era in their history topic work in class.  They brought their understanding and knowledge to their Continue reading

People Who Help Us – Ducklings

Yesterday, as part of their topic on ‘People who help us’ Ducklings worked to save playmobil people from some very sticky situations!  It was very messy but they managed to save everyone!  They also looked at the importance of washing their hands which they did between each activity.  Ducklings also enjoyed role playing helping others Continue reading

Fun and Games in Owls

Today as part of our topic we have looked at different toys and games of the past and the present. We have been discussing what our parents and grandparents used to play with when they were young, and it’s not too different from what we like to play with now! The one thing that we Continue reading

Science in Owls

In Science this term we have been looking at materials and their properties. Last week we thought about the different things around us and what they are made of. We then thought about what each thing needed to do its job properly. Today we spent the afternoon investigating different materials and what they would be Continue reading

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Yr.6 started their science topic on light today.  They used torches to create shadows and…

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