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Dave Barker came in to school today for worship, he talked to us about praying. Some children volunteered to act out what praying could look like, there was hands together, arms raised, eyes closed, kneeling or even laying down. We also thought about how praying can be done anywhere at anytime, so people could be Continue reading

Easter Creative Day

Today we had our Easter creative day, the children circulated round the seven stations of the cross.  At each station they looked at the Bible story and considered its impact on us now.  They then made a craft to represent that part of the story.  The children tasted different types of bread, planted bean seeds, Continue reading

Bishop Trevor Speaks About the Confirmation

Last Sunday Bishop Trevor, who is shortly to retire,  addressed his last ever Diocesan Synod and as part of this he spoke about  about the confirmation which he did at our church the previous week: On Monday I presided at a service of Confirmation for two of our Church Schools during which twelve young people Continue reading

Worship – Easter Surprises

Today in worship Mr Brinkley talked about surprises, how some are good and others not so good. He asked for three people to help him, there were lots of hopeful volunteers as everyone had spied the three chocolate Easter eggs on the side. Sat on chairs in front of everyone, the assistants waited in eager Continue reading

The Denial

Today in worship we were reminded about more events in the Easter story and especially the denial part of the story. After Judas had betrayed Jesus and he had been arrested, Peter denied knowing Jesus three times. We talked about how lying can affect our lives today and how lying can make us feel, we Continue reading

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