Year 4

Swimming Gala

In worship today the Year 6 leaders awarded the swim team from the recent gala at Folkestone Sports Centre, certificates and medals. The team as a whole came second out of nine teams, well done to all of our swim team, you deserve your silver medals.


This afternoon Year 4 enjoyed their second session of cricket. They improved their underarm and over arm bowling and batting skills before enjoying a fun game.


All has been going well with the bigger Yr 4 buddies meeting the younger ‘Soon to be Ducklings’ smaller buddies. Today we did an art activity together.

Sunny Sands

Today Ducklings and Years 3 and 4 all went to the Sunny Sands beach. Children dug holes, built castles and created many other things with the sand, they also looked in the rock pools, some rescued a fish and many did lots of paddling in the sea.

Year 4 Bushcraft

Year 4 all had great fun at Bushcraft today. Phil, the Bushcraft leader, taught the children about various different trees and plants and then showed many of the children how to make nettle tea, which was then available for us all to try. Everyone was able to toast marshmallows over the flames of the fire Continue reading

KS2 Sports Day

After a picnic lunch at Radnor park all of KS2 headed to The Three Hills for Sports Day. Every child took part in several events ranging from novelty races to relays and flat running races. Everyone did their best and there were some very competitive races! The children worked in their houses winning points for Continue reading

Yr 4 KIC Theatre

Today Year 4 were lucky enough to have a drama workshop with Ian from KIC Theatre. As we have been studying rainforests, that was the theme of our session. The children had a great time in teams being various creatures from the different layers of rainforest and acting out how some of the tribes might Continue reading

FESI Singing Day

Yesterday all of Year 4 went to the Harbour Church for a FESI singing day with two other schools, Christchurch and Castle Hill. We spent the day learning and mastering the singing of some songs together, many of which were sung in various parts. Children were given raffle tickets for good listening, singing, enthusiasm or Continue reading


Year 4 were lucky enough to take part in a cricket workshop today. The cricket coach played some warm up games to begin with, which involved team work and some finger and hand dexterity in readiness for throwing and catching. The children enjoyed all the activities and behaved very well.

Colchester Zoo

Recently Years 4 and 6 had a great day out at Colchester Zoo in Essex. The weather was perfect for a day out, we saw lots of the animals and watched a sea lion show before lunch and then had a play in a park, saw some more animals and fed the elephants and a Continue reading

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Swimming Gala

In worship today the Year 6 leaders awarded the swim team from the recent gala…

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