Year 4

Year 4 Term 4 Parents

Dear Parent/ Carer During term 4 we will be covering the following topics: Literacy: We will be studying some of Shakespeare’s work, writing and performing plays and thinking about plots, settings and characters for suspense stories, along with some poetry, reading comprehension and grammar particularly adverbials. Numeracy: We will be looking at dividing 2 and Continue reading

Year 4’s European Feast!

To consolidate their learning about Europe Year 4 had a European tasting afternoon! They tried different foods and had to guess where they were from. They enjoyed trying new things and looking at traditional foods from other countries, as well as reflecting on traditional food we eat in England.

Europe Homework

In Year 4 we have had some amazing pieces of homework in from the options grid. We have had paintings, sketches, pictures, postcards, acrostic poems, maps, jokes, languages, a picture dictionary, a game, some cheese twists, a 3D puzzle and stories. Children have been planning holidays and costing them, comparing heights of famous buildings and Continue reading


Today Year 4 had a visit from a golf coach, Aaron Galgraith from Sene Valley Golf Club kindly helped the children improve their golf skills. The children were able to chip their special sticky golf balls onto a vertical target, use the putter to hit the balls aiming for a hole in one and chip Continue reading


In Science today we recapped our learning on various forces and then focussed on friction. During the lesson the children worked together in groups to try to decide which of the given surfaces had the most amount of friction. The children built ramps with different surfaces, for toy cars and then measured the height of Continue reading

Canton Martial Arts

Years six and four were lucky enough today to have an instructor from Canton Martial Arts. She worked with both classes regarding safety and strangers. Discussing the difference between safe strangers like police officers and non safe strangers that could be anyone you don’t really know. The children also learnt some moves and stances along Continue reading

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