Year 6

Heating in Yr.6

Yr.6 worked in pairs to heat several substances over a candle flame.  They found that some substances changed their appearance e.g ice melted into water, this is a physical change.  Some substances created something new for example if they burnt.  This was a chemical change.

School of Noise

On Friday, Yr.6 were fortunate enough to be able to attend a ‘School of Noise’ workshop at the Brewery Tap. The workshop used a wide variety of analogue and digital equipment to enable the children to explore the science of sound.  They started by using their own bodies to compose original experimental sound art.  The finished product was Continue reading

Acid Tests in Yr.6

Last week Yr.6 tested marble chips, washing soda crystals and bicarbonate of soda to see how they reacted when water, lemon juice and vinegar were added to them.  They found the acids reacted with the carbonates creating an irreversible reaction and lots of bubbles.  They used this knowledge to make mini volcanoes in pairs and Continue reading

Canton Martial Arts

Years six and four were lucky enough today to have an instructor from Canton Martial Arts. She worked with both classes regarding safety and strangers. Discussing the difference between safe strangers like police officers and non safe strangers that could be anyone you don’t really know. The children also learnt some moves and stances along Continue reading

Trampolining Club

This term some children from Yr.6 have been enjoying trampolining club.  The children learnt to do seat drops, swivel hips, front drops and back drops.  They learnt how to combine these movements into routines and some even managed front somersaults.  Well done everyone!  

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