Year 6


To consolidate their work on rounding Yr.6 played games in Numeracy involving rounding to the nearest hundredth, tenth, whole number, ten, hundred and thousand.  They were very competitive!

Self Defence

On Tuesday years four, five and six had self defence workshops.  They learnt how defend themselves if they were attacked and the best way to get out of dangerous situations.  They also had a go at boxing using quick, diagonal movements.

War Horse Trip

As part of their Literacy work on War Horse, year five and six went to the Marlowe to watch the musical.  Everyone had a great time, the sound effects, puppets and acting held all the children entranced and even made them jump at times!  Afterwards the children were avidly discussing the differences between the book and  play versions Continue reading

Art Club Goes Big!

In today’s Art Club we had ago at doing huge pictures. We had great big rolls of paper which we all worked on together. Our theme was ‘Under the Sea’, one group used oil pastels, two groups did painting and the last group used crayons. It was great fun and the results were amazing.

St Eanswythe’s Family Worship

This morning we met in church to remember the life of St Eanswythe. To start the service Father David welcomed everyone and then children placed flowers on St Eanwythe’s tomb and carried the banners through the church and placed them at the front. We were reminded of St Eanswythe’s dedication to God, her work with Continue reading

War Horse Freeze Frames

Yr.6 have been studying the book ‘War Horse’ by Michael Morpurgo.  They each have a copy of the book and have been enjoying reading it together, they’ve researched farm horses and the work that they did, written diary entries, scripts and character portraits and created summaries for each chapter. They have a great understanding of the Continue reading


Yr.6 are looking at electricity as one of their science topics, they created circuits using many different components including bulbs, buzzers, motors and switches.  They found that in order for a circuit to work it must be complete.  They also looked at circuit diagrams and the purpose of these.  

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To consolidate their work on rounding Yr.6 played games in Numeracy involving rounding to the…

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