Day Club Finish Time
Monday Computer Club KS2 4pm
Monday Yoga Bugs KS1/2 4pm
Monday Art Club KS2  4:15pm
Tuesday  Chess  4:10pm
Tuesday Choir Y1,2,3 4.15pm
Wednesday Dance Yr 5 & 6 4:15pm
Thursday Art KS1 4:00pm
Thursday  Colouring & Construction Y3  4pm
Friday Pace Football 4.15pm
Friday Choir Y4,5,6 4:15pm




Breakfast Club

Breakfast club runs daily from 7:45am until 8.30am – £2.00 per session, this is free if your child is entitled to Free School Meals.

Social Club

Social club runs daily from 3:00pm until 5.45pm – charges per session are; £4 to 4pm 0r £7 if staying after 4pm which includes tea. There is a £1.50 discount for social club if your child is entitled to Free School Meals.



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