Teaching Staff

Headteacher: Mrs J E Garrett
Co-Headteacher Miss S Laws Sarah



Mrs J O’Callaghan NoData0076
Reception Class (Ducklings) Mrs J Price  
Class 1 (Owls) Mrs A Edgar  




Class 2 (Eagles) Mr N Brinkley  
Class 3 Miss C Parker


Class 4 Mrs K Hines Karen
Class 5 Miss J Willson  
Class 6 Miss S Laws

Mrs A Simmonds

Music Mrs H Brookes
Art Mrs A Simmons
French Mrs  S O’Neon
SENCO Mrs M Paterson
Read/Write Inc Co-Ordinator  Mrs J Page
Reading Recovery Mrs H Langley
Specialist Support teacher Mrs P Chown
 Literacy C0-Ordinator  Miss J Willson
Numeracy Co-ordinator   Mrs K Hines Karen

Teaching Assistants

Teaching Assistants:

Mrs S Abed

Mrs K Reeve

Mrs D Button

Mrs B Marritt

Ms G Chamberlain

Mrs E Daniels

Mrs B Potter

Mrs H McAllister

Mrs J Page

Mrs C Crockford

Mrs K Adlington

Miss J Rimmel

Miss  Kershaw-Landy

Support Staff

Business & Finance Manager Mrs S Lamberton
Administration Assistant Mrs S Glover

Mrs T Arnold

Mrs K Perkins (Friday)

Caretaker Mr L Doughty
Midday Supervisors  




Mrs J Humphrey

Mr N Bolton

Mr L Doughty

Mrs D Solomon

Mrs E Tosun

Mr P Wick

Breakfast Club  

Ms G Chamberlain

Mrs H McAllister

Homework Club Managers  

Mrs H McAllister/Mrs G Chamberlain/

Mrs E Daniels/Mrs J Humphreys

Family Liaison Officer

Mrs K Wenn

Mrs K Wenn

Children’s Liaison Officer

Mrs C Braudy

Mrs C Braudy



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