February 2015

KS1 Football

On Friday 20th February we entered a team in the KS1 football tournament at Brockhill.   All the children played really well.  They played six other teams winning five games and only losing one.  This put them in first place!

Body Parts

Our Science topic for this term is body parts. We worked together to name body parts and place labels on a body, and we have been thinking about which body parts rhyme so we can make up our own version of heads, shoulders, knees and toes!

Narnia workshop

During year 1’s Narnia workshop we acted out some of the qualities of the characters in The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. We acted out being inquisitive, being strong and being vivacious and bouncy. We also acted out emotions like anger and sorrow. Can you guess which picture is which?

Kick Theatre Drama Workshop

Last term, Eagles Class took part in an interactive drama workshop linked to our topic and The Great Fire of London. The children thoroughly enjoyed re-enacting the different stages and events that lead up to and followed the disaster of 1666.

Drama Workshop

Last term, Eagles Class took part in an interactive Drama Workshop. They explored and re-enacted the events leading up to and following The Great Fire of London of 1666.    


The children participated in  a fantastic dance session last term,  in role as secret agents. They used different levels, poses and movements to create a whole class dance.    

Narnia Day

Every class had a workshop led by Barnabas in Schools identifying links between the story of ‘The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe’ and the Bible.  All children took part in story, drama and singing activities to bring this story to life and to consider the plan God has for the World.  Great fun was had by Continue reading

Paralympic Roadshow

Another exciting activity for Year 5 in Term 3 was on Friday 23 January when we went to the Three Hills to take part in a Paralympic Roadshow. The children all got the chance to take part in two Paralympic activities: Sitting Volleyball and Wheel Chair Basketball. Whilst Wheel Chair Basketball proved to be the more popular of Continue reading

World War Two – Assembly

Year 5’s Topic in the Spring term is World War Two, whilst the children have really enjoyed learning about this topic, they have also found elements of it harrowing, shocking and difficult to comprehend. They have approached the topic in a mature and sensible nature asking in depth and thought provoking questions. They have shown Continue reading

Tim Prendergast

Year 5 really enjoyed working with Tim Prendergast, with most of them remembering his inspirational story from his last visit. We very quickly got on to talking about the children and their dreams and ambitions, who they see as role models and the skills they will need to acquire in order to achieve their dreams. Continue reading

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