Intra School Javelin Competition

All children have entered a competition to find out who can throw a javelin the furthest.  Each child got three attempts and medals were awarded to first, second and third place in each class.  Below are the winners of the Key Stage Competitions.

KS1 Boys

1st Edrin Yr.2 11m

2nd Taylor Yr.2 10.75m

3rd Euan Yr.2 9.25m

Special Mention 5th Anton Yr.R 8.5m!

KS1 Girls

1st Abigail H Yr.2 6.5m

Joint 2nd Tiliscia Yr.2 and Millie Yr.1 5.75m

KS2 Boys

1st Jacob Yr.6 18m

2nd Vinny Yr.6 15.25m

3rd Khan Yr.6 14.75m

KS2 Girls

1st Keayhana Yr.6 12.75m

Joint 2nd Edith Yr.5 and Ellie Yr.5 12m

Special Mention 4th Samantha Yr.4 11m!




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