19th February 2015

Reversible and Irreversible Reactions

Year 6 have been looking at reversible and irreversible reactions.  We have looked at how sometimes combining or heating substances makes mixtures which can be separated and returned to their original state.  We found that melting is just a physical change and a reversible reaction.  However, burning is a chemical change and is irreversible.  We have Continue reading


This term we have a Barnabas RE day on Narnia and the links within the series and the Christian faith.  We will also be looking at this theme within RE lessons and the whole school will celebrate Easter with a Narnia themed creative day.  Below is a display in the Yr.5 classroom showing some of Continue reading

Owl Homes

Last term our topic was Creature Homes and everyone was given a homework project for the term to create an owl home. We watched a short film about where different owls lived and learnt some amazing facts. We learnt that elf owls are the smallest owls and they live in cacti, and snowy owls actually live on the Continue reading


On the 26 January, we had a drama workshop and we pretended to be different animals in their homes. We had great fun tunnelling through the earth as worms, meeting other rabbits in our warrens, being sly and crafty foxes and collecting nectar as bees.

Paralympics Roadshow

On 30 January we went to the Three Hills Sports Centre to take part in a Paralympics roadshow. We tried 3 different events which had been adapted to play without the use of our legs. In teams of 10 we took part in curling, sitting volleyball and pulled ourselves along on wheeled boards with just Continue reading

Year 3 Explore London

Year 3 went to London and visited not only both the National Portrait Gallery and the National Art Gallery but they explored London as well! As part of our Tudor topic we studied Holbein and we all really enjoyed seeing his painting for real. We lunched in Trafalgar Square and then we explored London. We Continue reading


Our Science topic last term was plants. We planted lots of different plants, so we could watch them grow and look at all of the different parts of a plant. We ate different plant parts – the flower, the stem, the leaves and the roots, and we planted, harvested and ate our very own cress. We will carry Continue reading

WWI Dance

Dance club have entered the national dance competition “The Great Big Dance Off”. The first round is a video submission. Our dance is based on World War 1. It starts with 2 sides fighting against each other. We then see them come together, as they did for the football game over Christmas, only to go back Continue reading

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