Peer Pressure


We did our family Worship on the subject of negative peer pressure and the difficulties faced by some teenagers.

The story involved one person deciding to contact a couple of friends for a small party. Using modern technology for texting the news about a party soon spreads.

There are seven sets of friends all going to the party. In each group one  member is pressurised in to doing something they know to be wrong. In the play these children all put on red t-shirts.

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Verbal, physical and cyber bullying are all used to encourage those concerned to commit the wrongful acts. Teenagers are being pressured into disobeying parents, shoplifting, bullying, drinking, telling lies to parents about their whereabouts, smoking and joyriding.

image  image

During the play the children  dance to a Queen song Under Pressure, there were a lot of

moves and sequences to remember especially as they were not all doing the same things

at the same times.

image    image    image image

Everyone joined in with the fun worship song Hosanna we enjoyed doing the actions.

image image

Part of our story involved us dancing to Jedward’s version of Under Pressure called

Ice Ice Baby.



image image

Children led prayers asking God to help people cope when they are feeling pressured

and to help those doing the pressurising to stop and change their ways.

image image image

 At the end all the children

decide to say



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