20th March 2015


As part of our work on graffiti we have designed our own tags.  These are displayed on a brick wall in our classroom.  See if you can identify who is who, some of us have used nick names!

Solar Eclipse

We went out to watch the Solar Eclipse today.  We knew that it was dangerous to look directly at the sun so we tried different methods to enable us to see the phenomena.  We used A4 paper with a pinhole to project the image onto a screen and we used colanders to project the image onto Continue reading

Bikeability Assembly

To celebrate the children’s success in obtaining their Bikeability Level 2 award we had James Sheridan in to award the certificates.  James is an ambassador for the Shepway Sports Trust.  He competes in Bike Trials and has been a National Champion several times, he also came 2nd in the European Championships!  James showed us some amazing skills on Continue reading

Fun Fit Food Workshop

After the Fun Fit Food Show assembly Years Five and Six were lucky enough to take part in a workshop. This involved more discussions about healthy diets, how to balance what you eat and the importance of exercise. The children did this in a variety of ways: answering questions, learning a dance routine and accompanying Continue reading

Town Council Football Tournament

On 19 March 2015 we took part in the Town Council Football Tournament along with five other schools. We enjoyed an excellent start to the competition in extremely cold conditions. Managing to win four of our first five matches. This pitted us against Sandgate in the Semi-finals, whom we also beat two goals to one. Continue reading

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