14th April 2015

Owls’ Family Worship

On Thursday 2nd April, Owls shared what they have been learning this term. The worship included some of their own writing, some of their art work and a lullaby from Africa, which they have learnt to sing in a round.

Arsenal Football Club

Thirty children from years 4,5 & 6 enjoyed a special football club tonight run by will Rourke from Arsenal soccer Schools.  They looked at passing and moving techniques, dribbling skills and played some games.  Great fun was had by all.    

Teddy Bear’s picnic

Owls worked really hard during term 4 and earned their class treat of a teddy bear’s picnic. After inviting their favourite teddy bear with a letter they enjoyed a picnic in the class room. Who brought the biggest bear?  

Year 1 Term 5 letter

Please use the link to view the letter which went out in book bags today. It gives an overview of what we will be learning this term. The other link allows you to view a letter sent out at the end of last term which details the year 1 phonics check. Phonics check Term 5 letter

What do animals eat?

As part of our new topic Dangerous Animals we have been learning about what animals eat. We learnt that some animals, like lions, eat only meat – these are called carnivores. Some animals, like rabbits, eat only plants – these are called herbivores. And some animals, like us, eat both meat and plants – these are Continue reading

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