17th April 2015

The Museum of London

On Monday 13th April, our first day back at school, we went on a trip to London; our capital city! We visited The Museum of London and found out all about how it has changed over the years. We also looked at a gallery all about The Great Fire and  answered questions as a group, related Continue reading

Forces in Action

This week we have been investigating forces and how they can make objects move, change direction or just stop. In the playground, we explored how we can make different types of playground equipment move by using push, pull and twist forces! Then we came back to the classroom and recorded our findings by drawing what Continue reading

Year 4 Summer Term Topics

Dear Parent/ Carer I hope you had a nice Easter, during the first half of the Summer term, year 4 will be covering the following topics: Literacy:          We will be continuing our work on poetry, thinking about syllables, Haikus, rhyming patterns and drama. We will also be considering the use of similes, synonyms and Continue reading

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Eagle Scientists

As a class we have been comparing difference materials. We carried out a scientific experiment…

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