Year 6 and Year 1 Inspire Project

St Eanswythe’s are part of the Kent INSPIRE Legacy project.  This project aims to enable children to set and achieve their personal goals and ambitions and celebrate their achievements.  Earlier in the year Tim Prendergast a Paralympic runner came into school to work with KS2 on achieving their dreams and ambitions.  Year 6 adapted this workshop and other activities which they have been looking at in PSHE for their Yr1 buddies.  They worked in groups to plan eight different activities for a group of Year 1 children.  They were;

1) Considering what makes you happy

2) Considering your own strengths and qualities

3) Being able to express your preferences

4) Rating yourself against different skills and attributes

5) Considering methods and effective ways to communicate

6) Thinking about who their role model/heroes are

7) Considering ways we can emulate our role models

8) Setting a target and identifying the steps they would need to take to get there

As you can see in the photos, Year 6 had great fun teaching their buddies and Yr 1 enjoyed the activities which they had prepared


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