May 2015

Term 6

Dear Parent/ Carer During the second half of the Summer term I will be arranging a visit to a mosque as part of the RE curriculum, please let me know if you have any questions regarding the visit. Year 4 will also be covering the following topics: Literacy:          We will be studying a rhyming Continue reading

Paper Plate Islands

To round off our terms topic, ‘Islands and Journeys’, the children in Eagles class, designed, planned, helped resource and made their very own islands, all on a paper plate! They had to consider what man-made and natural features their island would have as well as the shape of their island and the materials they would need Continue reading

Eagles Under the sea!

In readiness for next term’s seaside topic, The Eagles were learning ‘Under the Sea’ from the Little Mermaid. They are getting so good at playing the belle plates, our first attempt was amazing….this is their second go… Watch out for some dancing too!!

Tudor Fanfares!

Year 4 began playing the recorder in earnest after Christmas. We have combined their knowledge of notes, music reading and their Tudor history project to come up with an original composition of Tudor Fanfares. I’m afraid that the drum makes the fanfare rather ominous…I think it sounds like someone going to the scaffold, what do Continue reading


Year 5 have been exploring the pentatonic scale, and here is our devised piece. Each child composed their own 4 beat riff in the pentatonic scale and a combination of those riffs were used separated by 4 beat intervals. The process was universally enjoyed. Well done Year 5!

Shepway Hockey Tournament

We entered three teams into the Shepway Hockey Tournament this evening.  There was a great turnout with fourteen teams competing from seven different schools.  All our children played really well in a very competitive field.  We ended up coming 5th, 11th and 12th!  Well done to all those children involved.

Cornflour Paste!

In Science today Year Six recapped on the properties of solids and liquids. We then created Cornflour paste. Together we worked to identify whether this new material was a solid or a liquid. Cornflour paste is a strange substance which behaves like a solid if you move through it quickly and a liquid when it Continue reading

Squash Club

Years 5 and 6 had the opportunity to take part in Squash Club this term.  This was a new sport for the children, it is a fast paced game involving co-ordination and movement.  The children were taught the rules of the game, how to serve, move and some tactical skills.  We also used some fun Continue reading

Skiing Club

Year 5 and 6 had the opportunity to take part in Skiing club at the Sports centre this term.  They learnt how to climb the slope safely, do the snow plough and use the ski lift.  As the weeks progressed so did the height from which they were able to ski from.   The children all Continue reading

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