Stop Frame Animation

Year Six have been working hard today to create stop frame animations.  We have been looking at Claymation by Aardman Animations and have identified the techniques and skills involved.  We found that on average it takes them two days to create two seconds of film!  We started by learning how to use the animation app on the ipads.  To give us a space to practice we created short stories using two playmobil characters.  We had great fun and created some funny, inspiring and gruesome storylines!

We then looked at designing our own characters using plasticine. We worked to design characters that stood independently and had easily moveable features to enable us to create moods and messages through movement. We then created a storyboard showing the six most important scenes in our story.

We then used plasticine to create our characters and printed off backgrounds to make our scenes more authentic.

Finally, we animated these characters using stop frame animations. We were really pleased with the finished articles.

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