Term 6

Dear Parent/ Carer

During the second half of the Summer term I will be arranging a visit to a mosque as part of the RE curriculum, please let me know if you have any questions regarding the visit. Year 4 will also be covering the following topics:

Literacy:          We will be studying a rhyming verse story, thinking about the layout and way it was written to help us understand the text. We will also be considering adverbials which give the where, when or how of a sentence.

Numeracy:        Negative numbers, fractions and percentages of quantities and using formal strategies to multiply TU by TU and divide will be recapped. We will also be looking at rounding to one decimal place, converting between £/€ and miles/km also measuring and drawing acute and obtuse angles. Algebraic expressions using x and y will also be covered.

Science:           This half term our topic for science is Habitats. We will be considering various organisms and where they live, branched keys to identify organisms and food chains.

ICT:                 We will be learning how to control screen turtles. We are going to use repeat commands and command procedures in Logo. We will also be using search engines for research.

PSHE:               Changes is the topic this half term, we are going to think about how change whether wanted or forced effects our emotions and therefore the way we act.

Topic:               This term we are going to have transport as our topic, we are going to research different types of transport. We are visiting the London Transport Museum and doing a workshop – Inspire engineering which looks at the first underground railway and the engineering involved and considers possible future changes to London’s transport system. We will be carrying out a survey of the various types of transport we see and creating pictograms and graphs showing our results. The class are also going to have the opportunity to participate in a kayaking experience and a scootability workshop.

I hope this will give you a further insight into your child’s education. If you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours faithfully

Mrs. Hines

Class 4 Teacher

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