26th June 2015

Yr. 6 Trip to Canterbury

Today Yr.6 went to Canterbury to take part in a variety of activities.  First, we went to Play Islands where the children took part in bowling, lazer tag and had some time in the soft play.  We then went to Westgate Gardens for lunch and ended up with a trampolining session at Aire Trampoline Club.  Continue reading

Year 4 London Transport Museum

We had a super time in the London Transport Museum, we began by getting our trail sheets for stamping as we went round the exhibits. The trail followed the history of London transport beginning with horse drawn carriages and buses, early motorised buses and trams and moving on through the time of steam underground trains. There Continue reading

Year 4 London Traffic Survey

We continued with our transport topic looking out for vehicles in London, we saw a stretched limousine, the London Eye, a motorcycle with a roof and the amphibious Duck as well as all the usual modes of transport. We carried out traffic surveys in London, counting vehicles on the road passing under Waterloo Bridge and Continue reading

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