28th June 2015

Time Travel

When we came in on Thursday morning the time machine had doubled in size ready for our time travel that afternoon. After we were all comfortably seated, the journey began and we travelled back to the time of cavemen. We had already learnt about the homes of cavemen and the types of food they ate, Continue reading


On Friday 32 children from Owls and Eagles went to Folkestone Sports Centre after school to go tobogganing. It was hard work pulling the toboggans up the slope but the thrill of flying down made it all worth while. Great fun was had by all!

Tennis Coach

We were very lucky on Thursday in Owls to receive some tennis coaching. We practised some of the skills we learnt in PE last term and learnt some new ways to try and control the ball, through throwing, hitting and catching. The visiting coach was very impressed with all of our skills!

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