Year 1 and Year 3 Trip to Peene

Today the reading buddies of year 1 and year 3 took a trip together to George’s Barn in Peene. This is a fantastic place which has been built using the natural contours of the railway embankment to create an interactive experience for budding scientists and artists. We were split into 5 groups and travelled around each of the activities in turn.

  • We did some barn crafts were we learnt about whittling wood into beautiful sculptures; the traditional art of lace making and weaving natural wool. (Our bottom warmer, created by us all, will take pride of place in school!)
  • We went on a bug hunt to study insects, bugs and flowers.
  • We went pond dipping to discover what we could see living in the water.
  • We used clay and leaves to each create a mobile which will be sent to us at school when they have been fired in the kiln.
  • And we traversed the “tangled trail” to discover the clay animals hiding in the meadow habitat.

This was an amazing day out, enjoyed by us all. It is open for visitors and is just along Newington Road near the Channel Tunnel. Some of us would definitely like to go back as there were some beautiful crafts and jewellery on sale which we’d like to investigate further!


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