Year 3/4 Kurling

Friday saw the final event in the Federation Sports Fortnight. This was a fast and frantic affair. It was a sport that isn’t played very often but that was loved by all of the competitors….New Age Kurling.


Each team was made up of five players with four players sending the stones and one orchestrating the throws from the role of Skip(per). The children played amazingly well and the progress and teamwork were immense.


There were some closely fought encounters in the opening matches of the league stages. But it was in the play-offs were the action really started to get happen and the children showed the best improvements. The games at this stage were even closer with one game even going to a golden stone.


The final standings were:


1st place: St Eanswythe’s A

2nd Place St Mary’s A

3rd Place Christchurch A

4th Place St Mary’s B

5th Place Christchurch B

6th Place St Eanswythe’s B

7th Place St Eanswythe’s C

8th Place Christchurch C


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