Creative Day: Cities of the World.

Today was Creative Day. This is a day when we get to mix with other year groups and do 7 fun creative activities. Buddies got together and really helped each other out.

Ducklings classroom became New York and we all got to create sky scrappers in pens and paint. In Owls room we were in Amsterdam where we all created our own 3d Windmill. Eagles transformed into New Delhi where we learnt all about the tradition of painting hands and arms with Henna, in preparation for celebrations.

Year 3 was Madrid and we watched Flamenco Dancers and then made our own castanets. Year 4 was where we were able to build bridges and structures which represented the cities of Paris and London. Next we went to Year 5 to experience Beijing where we created Chinese Lanterns and then finally we ended our journey in Moscow, Year 6, where we made our very own Basil Cathedral.

Great Fun was had by all and the work we created was truly brilliant!

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