15th July 2015

Buddies Coastal Park Trip

Today Year R and 5 went to the Coastal Park, this was an end of year trip to celebrate a whole year of being buddies. The buddy experience is one that is so important to both the Reception Class children and the Year Five children. It is an experience that they all love, none more Continue reading

Mosque Visit

Today Year 4 went to visit our local Mosque. We learned about carrying out ablutions, called Wadu, which is the process of cleansing the body before prayers, Mrs. Abed’s uncle kindly allowed us to watch. We were taught the importance of facing Mecca to pray and that prayers happen five times a day, which is Continue reading

Radnor Park and Tobogganing

On Tuesday 14th July Year 6 took their buddies in Owls out for the day. First of all we went to Radnor Park where the year 6s split into groups with their buddies and played games that they had organised. There were some fantastic games which year 6 have learnt throughout their years at St Eanswythe’s and Continue reading

BBC Website!

Our Yr.2 & 4 pupils used movement and violins to recreate the Troll guard of the Mountain King as part of the BBC Ten Pieces.  Their work has made it onto the BBC website.  Take a look here http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p02wzg82. Well done to all those involved! Mrs Jones, the violin teacher wrote “I am very very very proud Continue reading

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