Thank you from Mr Martin!

Dear all,

Friday was all about the Year Sixes and ensuring they had the send off that they deserved after a truly amazing seven years.

However it was a very emotional day for me also and I just wanted to take one last opportunity to extend my thanks and gratitude.  I have met, worked with and taught some truly inspirational people over the last ten years at St Eanswythe’s and it is with a heavy heart but excitement over my future that I leave.

The children have been a joy to teach, work with and guide through testing times.  They are a credit to everyone that has helped them along the way. The parents have always worked hard to support me and for this I am also really thankful.

I could not have asked to have been part of a better staff team and have made some life long friends in my time at this school. I hope in years to come the children will look back and reflect on some of the amazing people that touched their lives in their time at St Eanswythe’s.

Lastly I would like to say an overwhelming thank you for the kindness and generosity I was shown yesterday through leaving cards, presents, words and emotions. I was touched and feel appreciated beyond words.

Here is to a happy and healthy future for all.

from Mr Martin

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