Eagles’ Parent Letter

Welcome to Eagles and the Autumn Term. Below is some information on aspects of the curriculum that we will be covering between now and Half Term. Most of our learning will be done through focusing on different Topics. Our Topic for the first half of term will be Gardens and Plants.

English: Our priority this Term is ensuring that children can read and do so fluently. Using phonics (Read Write Inc) we will develop our word recognition and fluency in both spelling and reading. Our writing will be done through topic based themes exploring both poetry and prose. We shall also start experimenting with creative writing and learn how to add description to our writing. Our focus will be sentence structure.

 Maths: Using Maths Makes Sense we shall continue to develop our mathematical knowledge practicing column addition and subtraction we will have ago at numbers with four digits, learning what each digit means. We will explore 2 and 3D shape and begin to tell the time. Our aim is to learn as many of our Times Tables as we can, so any practice done at home will really help us.

Science: The children will be examining their environment through looking at gardens. Concentrating mainly on plants, their structure and reproduction, we will also be exploring the life of snails. We are also planning trips to visit local gardens and Kew Garden in London.

Art: We will be experimenting with all sorts of natural materials, including seeds, earth and grass. Looking at pictures of Van Gough and Matisse we will have a go at reproducing the famous Sunflowers and the Snail.

R.E: Focusing on Christianity we will explore the parables that Jesus told.

P.E: We shall use the playground where ever possible as well as the Hall. Developing our ball skills we will practice passing and playing in a team.In Gymnastics we shall concentrate on jumping and landing.

Geography: We will explore all the different types of Gardens and will visit Kings North Gardens. We will explore where every day things come from and discover plants and their stories.

Computing: Learning to use different paint packages and animation, we shall create our own gardens and insects.

 PSHE: (Personal, Social, and Health Education) will focus on our class rules and why we need rules, then develop awareness of ourselves and who we are, why we are special. This work is done through circle time and class discussions encouraging the children to develop their speaking and listening skills.

Homework: Specific homework will be given once or twice a week to reinforce class activities. It should not take more than 10-15 minutes but it is a good start to develop the habit of focusing and concentration.


As a final plea please label all uniform clearly. P.E is on a Monday and Friday the children must have kit in schools on these days.


This is a long letter but hopefully it gives you an idea of what we will be doing this Term. Our main aim as well as working is to have lots of fun.

Thanks for your support,


Jean O’Callaghan and Alison Edgar

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