St Eanswythe’s Day Service

Today is St Eanswythe’s Day.  To celebrate this we are holding two services.  One was held yesterday in church and was attended not only by the children and parents from our school but also by children and staff from two schools in our federation, St Mary’s and Christchurch.   Together with these other schools we worshipped the same God that St Eanswythe did in a church very close to ours all those years ago.

We remembered St Eanswythe in various ways.  Yr.5 performed an excellent play telling us the story of St Eanswythe’s life, Yr.6 led us in prayer and told us some facts about St. Eanswythe’s, Yr. 4 gave a Bible reading.

We finished our worship by laying some flowers by her relics which are kept in the Sanctuary of the high altar in our church.

Our final celebrations for the day involved doughnuts!  Keeping with our annual tradition everyone, including our visitors, from the other schools, received a doughnut which we enjoyed together on the playground.  Lots of sugar covered faces were seen!

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