Eagles Explore Kew Gardens

Today we went to Kew Gardens. We were really lucky with the weather as the rain didn’t start until we were ready to go into the huge greenhouses!

First we walked on the tree top walk which was so high we felt as if we were in the tops of the trees. Then we explored the gardens and found a thatched cottage that had once belonged to Queen Charlotte. After this we had lunch on the banks of the river Thames where we saw swans and geese and even a peacock. We found a badger’s set and went inside all of the underground tunnels. Playtime was spent running all the way round the log park.

We raced to the huge greenhouse and saw plants that were huge. We discovered coffee, coco beans and bananas! Best of all were the aquatic plants which came with real fish and turtles. Discovering a little glass house, we went in and found it was full of giant lily pads! Lastly we found a greenhouse with cacti and our favourite the carnivorous pitcher plants! A great time was had by everyone!




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