October 2015

Cycling Club

Some brave and hardy children form Yr’s 5 & 6 still wanted to take part in our planned cycle ride despite the bad weather on Wednesday night.  We took our bikes down to the light railway station in Hythe and rode back along the canal and then along the seafront.  We even stopped for ice Continue reading

Vegetable Puppets

Yesterday as part of our topic on gardens we made vegetable puppets. First we thought about what we wanted them to look like and even gave them names! We then drew a plan showing what we thought they would look like and what we would use to create them. We used lots of different sorts of Continue reading

Yeast Experiments

This morning yr.6 were looking at the conditions which affect yeast’s respiration.  They put different combinations of warm water, cold water, sugar and yeast into different test tubes and watched what happened.  In the tubes where the yeast reacted with the water and sugar a froth was produced as the yeast respired and released carbon Continue reading

Ducklings’ Open Afternoon

Ducklings Parents Thursday 15th October 2015 2.30pm – 3.30pm Come and see how the children have settled in. Visit the classroom and see what the children enjoy doing at school. The teacher and teacher assistants will be available to answer any question you may have. We look forward to seeing you!

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