October 2015


As part of our garden topic we have been exploring snails. First we went on a snail hunt and captured snails. Then we looked at them closely under magnifying glasses. We looked at lots of facts about them. Their Latin name is a Gastropod which actually means a ” belly footed animal!” We discovered that Continue reading

Harvest Festival

We celebrated Harvest Festival this afternoon at St Mary and St Eanswythe’s Church.  Each class performed a song to do with harvest and we listened to bible readings and prayers about the food that we have.  We also listened to some excellent solo performances from both singers and musicians. As part of our term’s value of generosity we Continue reading

Football League

We had the first football tournament of the year yesterday. This was held at The Three Hills. We entered two girls’ teams and three boys teams in this event. All the children played really well with obvious improvement throughout the evening. We will have to wait until next Friday for the results as there is Continue reading


Mrs Jones has started a new school band for KS2. We meet on a Monday after school and we are working towards some performances. We have a range of instruments and have great fun learning about harmony and rhythm. If anybody else is interested please see your class teacher.

Making bread

During Science today Year Six made bread. We looked at the effect yeast has on bread, making some batches with and some without yeast. We found that the yeast respires which makes the bread rise as the carbon dioxide which is released creates the air pockets that make the bread light and fluffy.

Bikeability Level 1

On Thursday the first group of children from yr.6 took part in bikeability. This course trains children to ride their bikes safely on the roads and teaches about signals, manoeuvres and road awareness. There are two levels, level one takes place in the playground and teaches skills, level two takes place on the roads. Qualified Continue reading

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