November 2015


As part of our maths learning for this term we have been looking at mass. We compared the mass of a single baked bean (1 gram) with the mass of 1,000 baked beans (1,000 grams). We then compared this to the mass of a bag of sugar (1 kilogram) and learnt that 1,000 grams and 1 kg have the same Continue reading

Sycamore Seeds & Air Resistance

We looked at sycamore seeds this morning and considered the forces acting on them.  We then made our own sycamore seeds using paper and designed an investigation to see what affected how fast they fell to the ground.  Different pairs changed the size, weight and material of the seed.  We found that the surface area of Continue reading

Yr.4 & Yr.6 Test out Ergos!

This morning yr.4 & Yr.6 benefited from an exciting visit from Seapoint Canoe Centre. The centre have purchased three ergos. These are indoor rowing machines that give a smooth and realistic paddling action, we were the first school to try them out! The instructors from the centre taught the children the correct paddling technique. The Continue reading


We investigated whether the temperature of the water had an impact on the rate at which sugar dissolved. We used thermometers to measure the temperature and timed how long a spoonful of sugar took to dissolve in three different temperatures of water.

Yr.5 & 6 Author Visit

As part of the Folkestone Book festival Yr5 & 6 were invited to an event at the Quarter house by the author Jane Elson.  We hard some excerpts from her newest book, ‘How to Fly with Broken Wings,’ and even created our own story involving aliens and carrot and parsnip cookies!  It was great fun and Continue reading

Year 1/2 Puzzle Day

Today we were all  lucky enough to attend a Puzzle Challenge Workshop. The children worked together in teams to complete some challenges. As each group solved a puzzle they were able to start a new one and see how many they could get through during their time slot. All the children really enjoyed themselves as Continue reading

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