Owls’ new topic: Seasons

Our new topic for this term is “Seasons”. To introduce this we have learnt this week about the sun and it’s role in our seasons. We learnt how the earth revolves around it’s own axis to give us day and night, and how the earth revolves around the sun to give us seasons. We looked at, and then drew, a picture of how the sun looks – a ball of burning gases. We read a poem, by Wes Magee, which uses metaphors to describe the sun in the sky and then we wrote our own class poem about the sun. After this, we produced a class collage of the sun using different colours. The darker colours represent the sun spots which are colder areas of the sun. Finally we put it all together as our latest class display.

Here’s our poem:

The sun is . . .

A yellow plate on a blue tray.

A yellow flower on a blue pot.

A yellow beach ball floating in the blue sea.

Yellow sand in a blue timer.

A yellow balloon high in the blue sky.

The sun is . . .

A yellow spot on a blue plum.

Yellow words on a blue book cover.

A yellow clock on a blue wall.

A yellow spade in a blue bucket.

A yellow sticker on a blue i-pad.

The sun is . . .

A yellow pencil in a blue cup.

Vanilla ice-cream in a blue Cone.

A banana on a blue chair.

An orange ball on a blue carpet.

A donut on a blue plate.

A yellow ball in a blue cup.

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