Christmas Words for All Years

Please help your children to learn their item for the Christmas concert in the Church on Thursday 17th December.


Under Beth’lem’s Star

  1. Under Bethl’lem’s star so bright, shepherds watched their flocks by night


Hydom, hydom diddle I dom

Hydom, hydom diddle I dom


  1. Came an angel telling them they must go to Bethlehem


  1. ‘Hasten hasten’ they did say, ‘Jesus Christ you’ll find that way’


  1. Sleeping in a manger bare lies the holy child fair



  1. Mary rocks him tenderly, Joseph sings a lullaby


Wind through the Olive Trees

Wind through the olive trees softly did blow

Round little Bethlehem long long ago

Sheep on the hillside were white as the snow

Shepherds were watching them long long ago


Then from the happy skies angels bent low

Singing their songs of joy long long ago

For in his manger bed cradled we know

Chrsit came to Bethlehem long long ago


Girls and boys – Leave your toys – Make no noise
Kneel at his crib and worship him
At thy shrine – Child divine – We are thine
Our Saviour’s here
“Hallelujah” the church bells ring
“Hallelujah” the angels sing
“Hallelujah” from everything
All must draw near

On that day – Far away – Jesus lay
Angels were watching ’round his head
Holy Child – Mother mild – Undefiled
We sing thy praise
repeat 3 lines of chorus
Our hearts we raise

Shepherds came – At the fame – Of thy name
Angels their guide to Bethlehem
In that place – Filled with grace – Saw thy face
Stood at thy door
Love evermore
Wise men too – Haste to do – Homage new
Gold, myrrh and frankincense they bring
As ’twas said – Starlight led – To thy bed
Bending their knee
Worshipping thee

Little donkey, little donkey,
On the dusty road.
Got to keep on plodding onwards,
With your precious load.

Been a long time, little donkey,
Through the winter’s night.
Don’t give up now, little donkey,
Bethlehem’s in sight
Ring out those bells tonight
Bethlehem, Bethlehem.
Follow that star tonight,

Bethlehem, Bethlehem.

Little donkey, little donkey,
Had a heavy day.
Little donkey, carry Mary safely on her way.

Little donkey, little donkey,
Journey’s end is near.
There are wise men waiting for a
Sign to bring them here.

Do not falter, little donkey,
There’s a star ahead.
It will guide you, little donkey,
To a cattle shed.


Little donkey,

Carry Mary,

Safely on her way


Year 3

No Room in the Inn

Our journey now is ending, for Bethlehem’s in sight

The home of royal David will shelter us tonight

Now thanks to God who brought us thus safely on our way

Within our hearts is kindled a flame of love today


God save you, gentle hostess, may we be lodged within

For many miles we’ve journeyed, for pity take us in

No beds have I to offer, no rooms have I to spare

Tonight you’ll find no shelter in Bethlehem I fear


Have you no little corner in stable or in cave?

My wife can go no longer, some shelter I must crave

If you can find a corner where servants lie on straw

With beggars and with rascals, you’re welcome there I’m sure


Now thank you gentle hostess, I’ll rest upon the straw

With beggars and with rascals, for I can go no more

Now help me dearest Joseph, watch over me till dawn

For here in this poor stable, my baby will be born


Year 4

Love to a stable low

Heav’nly love came down, blazing along a starlit beam

Warming its way through the town, wrapping the earth in a fold of a dream



Love to a stable low, love through the world will grow


Earthly love new stirred, waking to a diff’rent morn

Thrilling to the spreading word, Word of an infant, lowly born


Yet that light still burns, though it came in ancient days

Sometimes faint, then strong it turns, in human hist’ry mapping its ways


Thus it will go on; in our hearts ever refired

Steadying to grow more strong, faith and hope and love inspired


Year 5

Ev’ry star shall sing a carol


  1. Ev’ry star shall sing a carol, evr’y creature high and low

come and praise the king of heaven by whatever name you know


God above, earth below

Holy is the name I know


  1. When the king of all creation had a cradle on the earth

Holy was the human body Holy was the human birth


  1. Who can tell what other body He will hallow for his own

I will praise the son of Mary, Brother of my blood and bone


  1. Ev’ry star and ev’ry planet. Ev’ry creature high and low

Come and praise the king of heaven by whatever name you know


Year 6

Candle in the Window

When the winter day is dying and the wind is blowing wild

Listen for a lonely crying, it may be a wand’ring child

Light a candle in the window, let the night know that you care

Light a candle in the window, it may guide the Christ child there


When at times you fear to follow on the track that you must tread

Friendly promises are hollow for the tests that lie ahead

Light a candle in your window, when your final hope is gone

Light a candle in the window and the child will lead you on


When the world outside is waiting and you can’t give any more

There’s no end to war and hating and you long to close the door

Light a candle in the window, let it shine beyond your pain

Light a candle in the window and the child will come again



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