Advent Calendar Number 14: The Landlord’s Cat

Tonight, at 6pm, quite late for most KS1 pupils to be in school, we took part in Folkestone’s Living Advent. We were lucky enough to be day number 14, behind our door was our Nativity play: ‘The Landlords Cat’. Once again the children stunned us all by just how amazing they were. They sang beautifully, danced wonderfully and everyone knew all of their words. The children really entertained everyone who came and lots and lots of people did come. The play was all the more stunning because the children performed so brilliantly and were not in the least bit daunted by all the crowds of people who came to see them.

Thank you to all the people who came, the staff who stayed  late to help and the pupils of whom we were so very proud.

If you would like to see more photos and a film of our Nativity then please follow this link:   (permissions agreed)



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