Yr.6 Parent Letter Spring Term 1

Dear Parent/Carer,

During the first half of the Spring term, year 6 will be covering the following topics:

Numeracy: Fractions, decimals, co-ordinates, reflection, translation and rotation of shapes, areas and perimeters and addition, subtraction, multiplication and division techniques.

Literacy: Reading paper techniques, biographies and autobiographies and imagery in poetry

Science: Interdependence and Adaptation of plants and animals within their habitats.

Reversible and irreversible reactions

Geography: Weather

ICT: Spreadsheets

PE: Basketball, Netball, gymnastics and Swimming

Music: Exploring musical processes

DT: Fairgrounds

RE: Jewish Religion – family and community.

French: Local information

PSHE: Bullying and local democracy

The following homework will be given each week:
A Numeracy game to be played at least twice; Literacy, Topic or Science and reading. Spelling homework will also be given weekly, please encourage your children to read regularly and to play word games as this is beneficial to so many areas of the curriculum.

Please ensure your child has their PE kit in school at all times and that it is clearly named. This should include a avy tracksuit for use in colder weather.

Each piece of work should take no longer than half an hour and your child should be able to complete this independently. If children regularly have difficulty with homework, please let me know.

I hope this will give you further insight into your child’s education.

Yours sincerely,

Miss S Laws

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