Owls’ Owl Day!

We had a great morning today as we spent our time learning all about owls. We started the morning by reading the book ‘Owl Babies’. We are learning about using question marks and exclamation marks, so we thought about carrying the story on and what questions and exclamations the owl babies might say to their mum. Following our owl assembly we then had the chance to sketch an Eagle owl. We had looked at how to sketch by thinking about the shapes we could see on the owl and then using small fine strokes to draw the shape we saw. We weren’t allowed to use a rubber! After this we got to dissect some owl pellets. We learnt that all owls swallow their prey whole and the pellet is made up of indigestible material from the animals such as fur and bones. Because this doesn’t get to the stomach it was amazing to find these bones of considerable size in the pellets.

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