28th January 2016

Fire Station Visit

This afternoon, Eagles went to the Fire Station to learn about what the fire service do and to recreate the Great Fire of London with our paper bag houses. We met Fire Officer Jansen Smith who took us to the office and showed us exactly what happens if they get called out. We looked at Continue reading

Science Club – Rockets

This evening at Science club, our theme was rockets. We looked at how rockets have to have a very large upthrust to escape the Earth’s atmosphere. The children made straw rockets, and film canister rockets. They also looked at the chemical reaction between vinegar and bicarbonate of soda to make a plastic bag pop. We Continue reading

Lacrosse Club

Yesterday saw the third evening of lacrosse club.   The children’s skills are really improving!  Yesterday Joe taught them how to switch hands so they are able to use their weaker hand to throw and catch the ball.  This is excellent in a game situation as it enables you to get around defenders!

War Horse Inspired Canvases

We used our knowledge of Joey and Topthorn from ‘War Horse’ to paint canvases of horses using acrylic paints.  Some of us chose to do a horse’s head and others the more complex galloping bodies.  We used different shades to create a more lifelike appearance and learnt some effective techniques to use when using acrylic Continue reading

Burning Materials

As part of our topic on reversible and irreversible reactions we burnt stamp sized pieces of different materials today including rubber, plastic, fabric, paper, wood and different food substances. We found that if anything burnt it was a chemical change and therefore an irreversible reaction. We also looked at fire safety and how important it Continue reading

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