February 2016


On Tuesday Owls had a great day riding the balance bikes around the playground. They listened excellently, followed instructions brilliantly and all improved their control as they rode around an obstacle course and performed different tasks. Have a look at the photos to see how much fun they all had.


Today we made invitations to our Mother’s Day Tea Party. The children all really enjoyed this activity and they got even more excited as we carried out our auditions. Below are just some of our wonderful invites.

Term 4 in Class 5

Welcome to Term 4! We have a short but very busy term ahead of us here in Class 5! Here is what we will be up to over the next few weeks. We will continue building up our mathematical expertise using Maths Makes Sense which sees us explore many topics including algebra; we will be Continue reading

Ducklings’ parents letter

Parents of Ducklings   Dear Parents, The Ducklings new Topic will be Growth and Growing, will be exploring not just plants but animals and humans too. Below is some information on aspects of learning that we will be covering between now and Easter.   Personal, Social and Emotional Development Now that the children are settled Continue reading

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