PSHE – cleanliness

This term in PSHE we have been thinking about how to stay healthy. We started the term by talking about how important it is to keep clean. We decided to do an experiment to see what happens to food if you have dirty hands. We started with 3 slices of bread. The first was our control, it was placed in a bag by Mrs Gurney wearing a new pair of plastic gloves and then sealed. The second was our clean piece, after Mrs Gurney washed and dried her hands another piece of bread was placed in a bag and sealed. Finally our dirty piece was passed around the whole class (we had just come in from afternoon play), and then placed in a bag and sealed.

We looked at these after about 3 weeks and noticed that the control piece had a tiny bit of green mould on it. There was much more green mould on our clean piece. On the dirty piece there wasn’t quite as much green mould but there was a lot of yellow mould on in the middle of the green. This led us to think what this might be and we discovered that yellow mould grows in leaves and dirty water – meaning we should definitely always wash our hands before eating!

P1060974 P1060973 P1060972 P1060970

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