Whole School Times Tables

Once you have learned the easy 2s, 5s, and 10s and know the pattern for the easy part of the 11s there are only 30 individual ones (in yellow) left to learn because they are the same either way round.

As a school we are all going to learn one of these 30 every week. You can help your child by supporting the over learning by repeatedly asking them to say it all week, and then often revisiting it in the future. In KS2 children should learn each saying as a division as well.

3 x 4 = 12                    all children

often said as              3 4s are 12                all children

as a division              12 is 3 4s                     all KS 2Tables chart

Over learning the individual times tables rather than in order is a really good method and this strategy often lasts a lifetime with children and adults.

Each week the individual table of the week will be on the newsletter and will be told to all the children during Monday’s celebration worship. The more each one is repeated the longer the knowledge lasts.

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