Michael Morpurgo Work – Examples

Yr.6 have completed an author study on Michael Morpurgo.  They have all read books by him individually and in group reading.  They have looked at the way that he writes and what makes his books so effective.  As a class they have read several short stories; ‘Conker’, ‘My father is a Polar Bear’, ‘Rainbow Bear’,  ‘Marble Crusher’ and ‘Colly’s barn’.  They have also read the longer stories; ‘Shadow’, ‘War Horse’ and ‘Farm Boy’.  Alongside this Yr.6 watched the film and the West End musical adaptations of ‘War Horse’.

All this reading has inspired their writing.  Below are some examples of the work they have done during this topic including; book reviews, story continuations, stories based and adapted from real life events and comparisons.  Have a read we are sure you will be impressed.  Some of the comparisons between the versions of War Horse are very insightful!



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