Eagles’ Plans for Term 4

Dear Parents

Just a letter to give you some information on the aspects of the curriculum that we will be covering between now and Easter. Most of our learning will be done through focusing on our Topic which is Health and Fitness.


English: Our continuing priority will be ensuring that children can read and do so fluently. Using phonics (Read Write Inc) we will develop our word recognition and fluency in both spelling and reading. In line with the new curriculum we will continue to focus on spellings and grammar. The grammar aspects we will look at are nouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives and tenses. In our topic work our emphasis in writing will still be on forming sentences and developing our knowledge of punctuation. Building on skills gained we shall explore Health and Fitness. Using this as our base we will be able to look at non fiction, fiction and poetry. We shall explore food, healthy eating and menus.


Maths: Looking at word problems we will emphasise the crucial information and work on our addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills to solve them.

We shall also recap on money and what we need to know in order to solve money problems. Recovering partitioning with measuring in cms and mms we will ensure that we know how to measure accurately. In shape we will make sure that we can name 2D and 3D shapes and their properties, including symmetry. Lastly we shall work to keep our basic skills especially number bonds and times tables. 

Science: We shall learn how the basic needs of Humans and Animals are the same. We will discover how humans grow and look at the life cycle of a butterfly.

We will also investigate what it means to be healthy and we will explore diet and fitness. 

Art/DT:  We will use different materials to create an Eatwell plate and examine the art of Carl Warner. We will create cookies and discuss why hygiene is so important when cooking.

R.E: Our focus will be on Christian beliefs, with a special focus on lent and Easter.

P.E: We shall use the playground where ever possible as well as the Hall. Developing our ball skills we will practice bat skills and playing in a team. In Gymnastics we shall concentrate health and fitness, what happens to our bodies when we exercise. 

Music: As well as learning songs, we shall be exploring instruments and musical scores

History: We will look at the history of nursing. We will start off with the Crimean War and look at the lives of both Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole. Next we shall explore the life of Jennifer Worth in 1950s London. 

Computing: We will examine communication and how people use I.T to do this. We will explore just how important it is to remain safe online and how to use and send emails. 

PSHE: (Personal, Social, and Health education) The children will explore themselves, their feelings and begin to learn how to manage their emotions.


Homework: Specific homework will be given once or twice a week to reinforce class activities. It should not take more than 10-15 minutes but it is a good start to develop the habit of focusing and concentration. 


If you wish your child to have milk every day an order form is available from the office and as a final plea please label all uniform clearly. P.E is on a Monday and Friday the children must have kit in schools on these days.

As usual this is a long letter but does give you an idea of what we will be studying this term.

Jean O’Callaghan and Alison Edgar

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