Term 4 in Class 5

Welcome to Term 4!
We have a short but very busy term ahead of us here in Class 5! Here is what we will be up to over the next few weeks.

We will continue building up our mathematical expertise using Maths Makes Sense which sees us explore many topics including algebra; we will be challenging ourselves with some very tricky algebraic equations!

In English we will be setting up our own TV newsroom as we explore journalistic writing, and then we will take an in-depth look at the creation of stories themselves with a particularly close look at legends and how they have stood the test of time.

A very important term in our Religious Education calendar sees us as a school working throughout Lent to prepare for Easter. We will be learning all about the Easter story and the importance it has in the Christian year. A new topic in Geography this term is Coasts; we live by the sea and Class 5 are going to be learning all about the special features o coastlines, and the people who live on them. Science see us finish off our Space focus and begin a journey into understanding how sound works.

It’s our next Family Worship on Thursday 10th March and we will be presenting to you an unusual version of the X Factor to round off our space science topic- which planet is the best? Come and see us in action to find out!

We are all looking forward to a  very enjoyable term!

Mrs Cadwallader and Miss Farnfield

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